The Tesoros Purpose

The Tesoros Purpose

For more than 70 years, TESOROS has worked only with Filipino artisans. Through our support of native craft both heritage and new, our suppliers coming from all over our archipelago find sustainable livelihoods, social mobility and economic upliftment.

In doing so we have created a Legacy Brand known for quality, consistency and for being undoubtedly FILIPINO.

We win when our people are empowered.

TESOROS believes in inclusivity for all our stakeholders; that our employees,

shareholders and suppliers all benefit when the business benefits. We abide with all national regulations governing employment. More importantly, every staff member is made to feel they are a part of the Tesoro family.

We provide guidance so that our suppliers not only meet their deliverables but also learn costing-efficiencies, quality-control and design updates. Moreover, Tesoros extends financial assistance to its supplier-partners and does not impose extended payment schemes.

And the family has stood by the business both in good times and bad, putting all our available resources so that despite the onslaught of commercialization by others, the the trademark of “Made in The Philippines” maintains its truth at TESOROS.

We win when our environment is safe.
TESOROS practices responsible-sourcing. It is our policy to derive local craft from ONLY easily- renewable or farmed materials. We abide by the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES), you will not find any such endangered resources in our stores. We respect our environment, this planet, our only home, to preserve and nurture it for us all and our inheritors, the future generations.

We win when our craft is alive.
TESOROS’ core mission is to showcase the best in Philippine-made gifts, crafts
and apparel. We provide a reliable venue for our loyal artisans, incubate the new talents who create fresh interpretations relevant for today, and we have a trained-team able to provide knowledgeable and friendly service.

We win when everyone wins.
Our corporate culture fosters sikap, sipag at tiyaga: ambition, industry and persistence. These are the values instilled by our founders Mr. & Mrs. Tesoro when they began TESOROS right after the ashes of World War 2 with nothing but their small capital and a dream to sell only the best from the Philippines.

This dream is also the dream of every Filipino. And TESOROS continued existence has provided a home for equally hard-working and forthright stakeholders. We are proud that many of their children have gone on to professional careers, while they themselves have acquired better standards of living.

And we believe that through our upholding of the artistry and imaginativeness of the Filipino we contribute to the formation of a national identity we can be proud of.