The Philippines In A Store


Founded in 1945, TESORO’S continues to serve both Filipinos and tourists alike who appreciate authentic quality Philippine handicrafts. In its 12 retail outlets all over the archipelago one will find at affordable prices and accompanied by expert service a wide assortment of tableware, giftware, embroideries, shellcraft, heritage craft, and local apparel. 


The TESOROS brand was founded by Atty. Nestor and Salud S. Tesoro after the liberation of Manila, the 2nd & 3rd generation of Tesoro progeny maintain the original values TESORO’S was founded on: to purvey the Philippines in store. Thus in every piece you will enjoy in our store is a treasure from our islands, whether it be a simple souvenir token from our airport branches or an exquisite fully embroidered shawl made of pure pina fiber such as what is given to visiting heads of state.