Salud S. Tesoro

Salud S. Tesoro

The career of Salud S. Tesoro in business began as an orphaned daughter who forfeited her dreams of becoming a High School Principal in order to run “Pineda’s Hat Shop” in Intramuros so she could provide for her two younger sisters and the family of their maternal uncle, Manuel Pineda. Their finances were drained away by the “Great Depression”, of the 1920’s. She was just 14 years-old.

The uncle’s hat shop survived the crisis. As with many entrepreneurial families, the sisters later opened their own stores with their husbands.

So Sally with Nestor, founded “TESOROS” and it thrived. From 1945 onwards their stores earned the sobriquet “The Home of Quality Philippine Handicrafts” where you can rely on quality, personalized service and a select array of the best cultural, artisanal and novelty items made by Filipinos.

75 years hence, TESOROS is not just a store with an On-Line presence. We are not just a retailer. TESOROS is the repository of the nation’s collective memory, the gatekeeper protecting, sustaining the crafts that are authentically Filipino, made by Filipinos.

A hundred years hence, we are in our own “Great Depression “ induced by the Sar-Covid-19 virus. Surviving this will perhaps be the biggest challenge of our generation.

To survive these difficult times TESOROS continues to make the historical relevant, the craftsmanship practical so our products resonate with the times.

We hope everyone will also find the inspiration to be able forge on so that when this crisis is over - as it shall and will end - we are all the better from it.

For TESOROS our inspiration is remaining true to the values of our foundress: Of industry and integrity in all our dealings combined with the purpose of showing the world the best of the Filipino through its stores.

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