Piña Silk Mask with Floral Embroidery

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Piña Silk Mask with Floral Embroidery
Material: Piña Silk (Pineapple and Silk Fiber woven together)
Design: Traditional Floral Embroidery - machine stitched
Features: Adjustable Ear Strap, Filter Pocket*, Double Lining
Made in Lumban, Laguna, Philippines

A tradition and main source of livelihood passed on from generation to generation - this local cottage industry has evolved from hand sewn to machine based stitching to keep up with demand & trends.

Floral Embroidery is a design that dates back to the Spanish colonial period; originally used in Filipiniana apparel and linens.

Made with piña fibers, this breathable and fashionable Piña-Silk mask is perfect for a modern Filipino look.

*Filters not included

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